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About Anaheim Test Lab

Who we are

John M. Bridger

went to the University of California at Santa Barbara, and then began his career at Aero-Jet General (Rancho Cardova) in 1971. In 1975 he went to P.G.P. Industries Inc. and joined his mother (Poppy Bridger) as her assistant in precious metal analysis. In 1975 he opened his own precious metal firm (Metlab Inc.). In 1997 he joined his mother and son (Wes Bridger) at Anaheim Test Lab in Santa Ana, CA and has stayed to date assaying and refining precious metals.

Wes Bridger

began his experience learning precious metals at age 15, working with his father at Metlab Inc., throughout high school. He studied chemistry at San Diego State University and later received his certification of Hazardous Materials at Cal State Fullerton. He also had the opportunity to work with his Grandmother at Gemini Industries, where he saw refining of Platinum group metals on an industrial scale. In 1997, Wes jumped at the chance to work with his family again at Anaheim Test Lab, where in his own words, he learned form the best. He has continued working there, and is now operations and lab manager.


Anaheim Test Lab has continued to show loyalty towards Smith Emery since I started in 2000. I have not encountered any problems with test results and I always got a good turnaround time when it comes to my results and for that I will continue to do business with Anaheim Test Lab.
~Carlos Lievanos, Laboratory Manager (Smith Emery Laboratories, Orange County)

Anaheim Test Labs offers the best solution for your precious metal needs. Their experienced quality staff delivers excellent results analytically, while delivering a quick turnaround time. I highly recommend Anaheim Test Labs.
~Dennis Strang, Managing Director (Omnisil, Ventura)


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